Baby Squid aka B. Squid Vicious grew up writing poetry and listening to rock and roll, eventually making an unlikely transition to hip hop. Her first recorded track was a Swollen Members cover produced by her sister, Eden Grey, which garnered thousands of youtube views in 2012.  

Ohio born, Squid was raised in Ypsilanti, MI, Cleveland, OH and Miami, FL.  Upon graduation from film school at the University of Miami, she pursued film production work in New England and NYC before relocating to her current home in Los Angeles where she resides and works for acclaimed production companies and film/TV directors.

After debuting her first recording alongside a no-budget, self-made video on youtube, Squid was invited to screen the video at an event but refused, positing that a 30-minute hip hop set would have a far greater impact.  Two months and five new songs later, B. Squid performed her first-ever live show to a full house at O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica.  Squid was immediately invited to return the following month marking the start of her first residency.   

Six months later, camera in hand, Squid introduced herself to a legendary and actively prolific lyricist named Abstract Rude.  She entered his famed SBRC (sixteen bar rap competition), proved her chops and their partnership was born.  Within two months, a bevy of nationwide Keep The Feel tours began featuring Squid as an opening act and her sound has been evolving on stages before live audiences ever since.  True to her film side, Alyson "B. Squid" Bruno has now directed over twenty music videos and photographed more than six tours and dozens of stages for Abstract Rude as well as many other KTF and Rhymesayers artists. 

During the wild year of 2015, Squid was temporarily swept away from her Los Angeles home with her day job to assist the showrunning director of a new TV series called QUARRY (airing 2016).  During her 8 month stint in New Orleans, LA, Squid paired up with local NOLA composer Ratty Scurvics to moonlight her very first LP, Cloud 9, which dropped on Black Friday, November 25th, 2016. 

Stay tuned for more!  


Photographer: Sonia Begonia